Friday 19 August 2011

Prince2 foundation training at the weekend, anyone?

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Are you interested in taking the Prince2 Foundation course and exam on a weekend in London or Croydon?

I'd quite like to get my Prince2 certs, but taking time off work to do them is an obstacle.

I recently asked a training provider I’ve worked with before whether they ever run weekend sessions and the answer was that they will run one pretty much whenever people ask them to if enough people will attend.

Costs are around £900+VAT for the Prince2 Foundation course and exam, but depending on the numbers we could negotiate a discount. (Minimum number of people to run the course is about 5.)

A London or Croydon venue would be ideal for me, probably a weekend in November or December, or maybe early 2012. If I can get this off the ground I'll probably want to schedule the Practitioner course and exam sometime after that.

If you’re interested, please get in touch via comments or message me @Techiebird on twitter.

I promise I'm not posting this for any reason other than that stated, I'm not a training provider, I'm not being paid by a training provider, I'm just an IT pro who wants to do some self-funded training at a time that's convenient to me.

So far I’ve had a few responses via LinkedIn and a piece in the Women in Technology newsletter, but ideally I need a few more to get this at a good rate.

(If you’re a training provider or representing a training provider, thanks for stopping by but I already have a provider in mind for this.)

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