Monday 30 April 2012

Wi-fi tethering HTC Desire to Kindle

A few months ago I switched my old Kindle 3 (the one with 3G and a keyboard) for a new, smaller Wi-fi Kindle. Mostly I don’t miss the 3G, but for the odd occasion where I’m impatient to download a book and I’m not near a wi-fi hotspot, it’s nice to have the option of tethering to my mobile phone for a few minutes.

Kindle is all picky about where it gets its Wi-fi, and will only connect to a hotspot in Infrastructure mode. Most tethering apps for mobile phones work in Peer-to-peer mode, which is no use for connecting a Kindle, so it took me a while to find anything that worked.

Here’s what I’m using on my rooted HTC Desire (GSM) running CyanogenMod 7.

Software: Android WiFi Tether


  • Device Profile: Google NexusOne
  • Setup Method: Netd (master)
  • WiFi driver reload: on

If you have a similar setup, hopefully this will save you some trial and error.

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