Tuesday 12 June 2007


One of the main reasons I started this blog was as a place to post technical troubleshooting tips. In an ideal world I wouldn't need to post a list of DON'Ts (and in the real world the people who most need them are least likely to read them) but this seems like the responsible thing to do. So here's a list of things you should bear in mind before following any advice I might post, to safeguard your data, your job and my conscience:
  1. Most of my technical posts are aimed at IT Professionals who already have a good understanding of Windows and the products I'm talking about. If you're not comfortable working at that level then get individual help from someone who is.
  2. Don't edit the Windows Registry unless you're pretty sure you know what you're doing.
  3. Don't make any changes through MFCMAPI, MDBVU or similar tools unless you're certain you know what you're doing - they give you access to things in your mailbox that you're not supposed to see, and those things are hidden for good reason.
  4. Your boss will not come looking for me if you screw something up because of some 'good idea' I post in my blog. Everything I say here is in good faith, but I make mistakes just the same as everyone else. Treat every bit of information here with healthy scepticism and don't do anything on a production system unless you understand the consequences and (ideally) have tested in a non-production environment first. That goes for anyone else's blog too, and even perfectly trustworthy vendor information has been known to cause problems if used slightly differently to how it was intended so it's good advice regardless of the source.
Sorted. Now we can get back to talking like grown-ups.

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