Saturday, 16 March 2013

What I want from a Google Reader replacement

So far none of the alternatives to Google Reader are quite ticking all the boxes for me.

Here's what I use right now and will really miss if I can't replace:
  • A web UI. By which I don't mean a browser-specific app or plugin. I want to be able to access my RSS content from work, and I don't have the option of installing plugins.
  • A good, solid Android app with offline viewing. I've been using NewsRob for years and even though it hasn't been updated in ages, it just works. And I like that it allows me to choose when to sync, what to sync, and how much to sync.
  • Synchronised read/unread state between web and mobile apps.
  • Doesn't insist on looking like a magazine all the time - I'm fine with lists. I like lists. Let me have my lists.
On my nice-to have list would be:
  • Ability to subscribe to feeds from a browser by clicking a link to RSS xml
  • IFTTT support, but I expect that if something becomes popular and has an API, they'll be on the case.
Surely I can't be alone in wanting these things? I'm hopeful that Feedly or one of the other contenders will quickly be able to bridge the gaps.
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