Thursday 15 January 2009

PowerShell script to unzip many files

Yeah, I know, I keep saying I’ll post more and all I do is post less.  Well the back half of 2008 kind of got derailed by unavoidable ‘life’ stuff and to be quite honest I haven’t yet decided if blogging will be one of my priorities in 2009.  Rest assured that if it is, I’ll be doing it properly and a redesign will be part of that commitment.  For now though, I’m back to using this as a holding space.  If I don’t want to lose something, and it might come in handy for someone else, it’ll end up in the blog.  Otherwise... well, we’ll see.

So here it is.  Say you have a folder full of zip files at j:\stuff.  Running this script (with j:\stuff as the current location) will unzip the contents of those zip files to j:\stuff.

$shell=new-object -com shell.application




$ZipFiles = get-childitem *.zip

$ZipFiles.count | out-default

foreach ($ZipFile in $ZipFiles)


$ZipFile.fullname | out-default

$ZipFolder = $shell.namespace($ZipFile.fullname)



If you also want to delete the source zip files, you can add remove-item $ZipFile after the line beginning $Location.Copyhere.  The reason I didn’t include that in the sample above is I strongly advise you (see my usual disclaimer) to run the script and make sure you’re satisfied the zip files unzipped properly before you go letting it delete anything!


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