Wednesday 25 February 2009

Windows 7 Diary: My Bluetooth Heaven

My Bluetooth headset is working with Skype!  Yes, I have managed to get Windows to understand that a headset can do stereo and have a mic for making calls.  Incredible.

This is something I’d tried on a few occasions with Vista, and never got to any useful level of reliability.  The awful Toshiba Bluetooth stack that’s supposed to work on my Vaio was less than useless in this regard, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it working at all without, so I was more or less stuck with them.

Anyway, I started out with the same problems with Win7 but in a cavalier moment I decided to uninstall the Toshiba rubbish (I did an in-place upgrade so I still had everything installed from my Vista config) and, incredibly, it worked!

It’s the little ways like this where Win7 just seems that little bit more capable than its predecessor that impress me the most.

Tomorrow I’m going to try out my HSDPA stick, so I might even be blogging from the train…

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