Sunday 27 January 2013

Helping the next generation of techies


I have a favour to ask...

I'm taking part in a careers networking event in March where I'll be meeting teenagers from a range of backgrounds. When I was in school the careers advice we got wasn't great, so I want to make sure these sessions are worthwhile for the kids and young adults I'll be meeting.

If you're a teenager, please tell me in the comments what you want from a career. If you're not sure, here are some questions to get you started...
  • If you have an idea of what career you want, what makes that job attractive to you? E.g. doing something you love, working with brilliant people in a nice environment, helping people and saving the world, or do you just want to earn a huge pile of cash?
  • If you think of yourself being 'successful' in the future, what does that look like for you? Would you like a career that allows you to spend a lot of time travelling and maybe live in different countries, do you want a smart home with every comfort, would you be happy to live without luxuries knowing you're doing something for the greater good, or do you see work as a means to an end so you can afford to make the most of your time off?
And I have just one last question:

What do you want from a careers event? Do you just want to hear about different careers and hopefully be inspired? Do you want to know about what qualifications you'll need? Would you like CV and interview tips, or a list of links to industry-specific resources? Or something else...? On the flip-side, what do you already get from every careers event that's really not helpful at all?

As a small, geeky token of my thanks, here's a video of what happens when you heat mercury thiocyanate*, via @The_Stealthcow on Twitter:

Thanks for your help, and may all your careers advice be useful and inspirational!


*no, I don't really know what that is either, just look what happens when you heat it

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  1. From a careers event I'd like realistic information on job opportunities for students and teenagers rather than just websites to look on. It would be quite helpful if I/we could get some ideas such as templates or examples of CVs and maybe someone to go through what to and what not to put as well as how much to write. I'm sure many teenagers would also benefit from sites or places to apply for jobs where the employers are actually looking for teenagers and expecting little experience. I'm not entirely clear or sure on what I'd find attractive about a job but one thing that would attract me would be employers that are happy to actually train people with no experience as not many teenagers are going to have much experience which is one of the things I struggle with most when applying.


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